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Marian’s Roots and Rambles blog, Nov. 29, 2011, commented on Diane’s “Tales from the Courthouse” column in the Fall 2011 issue of American Ancestors magazine: “I strongly encourage everyone to read this article as an example of the kind of approach you should be taking with all your genealogical challenges and brick walls.”

Elyse's Genealogy Blog mentions New England Court Records book in June 4, 2011 post.

Photos from August 2010 Winslow House lecture about Naked Quaker book

Worcester Telegram, Feb. 18, 2010, “For sale in 1654: two Irish boys” recounts stories from Diane’s Naked Quaker and calls the book “fascinating.”

Red Room writers website, Jan. 20, 2010 review praises The Naked Quaker as a “delightful non-fiction collection” of “amazing tales” about our colonial ancestors. “Perhaps the most surprising element of the book is how alive the characters seem….”

Stiletto Gang literary blog, Jan. 7, 2010 describes Diane’s Naked Quaker book: “This splendidly fun book runs down some of the highlights of 17th-century New England police blotter: violent fisticuffs in church, highwaymen, sex scandals, theft, cheating, witchcraft. I mean, it might as well be an episode of Maury.”, Nov. 12, 2009, “Go Back in Time at the New England History Festival tells about Diane’s “Naked Quaker” presentation at the New England
History Festival in Watertown, MA.

Early American Crime blog, Nov. 25, 2008The Naked Quaker featured in the blog’s Crime Bibliography.

NELA (New England Library Association) Conference Blog, Oct. 19, 2008 New England Court Records: A Research Guide for Genealogists and Historians recommended for “core collection” of genealogical materials at New England libraries.

Journal of American History, March 2008 – Diane’s Naked Quaker book is cited with Recent Scholarship about Colonial history.

ForeWord Magazine, Mar. 2008: The Naked Quaker named finalist for “Book of the Year Award” in History!

ABA Journal, Mar. 6, 2008, “Lawyer Mines Court Records to Pen ‘Naked Quaker’”

Boston Globe, Mar. 6, 2008, “Lawyer Digs Up Colonial Capers”

The Wayland Town Crier, Mar. 6, 2008, “Revealing Talk on ‘The Naked Quaker’” Harvard Magazine, Jan.-Feb. 2008

Ohio Mayflower Descendants, Feb. 3, 2008, “Family Tree information of some familiar names” cites Diane’s articles in New England Ancestors magazine mentioning President Barack Obama’s New England ancestor, Jonathan Singletary, alias Dunham.

New, Jan. 2008, “Colonial Salem Loved its Pubs”: Online magazine excerpts story from The Naked Quaker.

California Bookwatch, “The American History Shelf,” Dec. 2007

What is Witchcraft?, Nov. 21, 2007, “New England Puritan’s Lives Revealed by Court Records”

“The Bostonist,” Nov. 20, 2007 – interview with Diane

The Hingham Journal, Oct. 25, 2007, “Learn about ‘The Naked Quaker"

Lexington Minuteman, Oct. 17, 2007, “Tall, but true, tales of Colonial times”

ForeWord Magazine, Oct. 17, 2007, “ForeWord This Week: ForeWord Footnotes” cites The Naked Quaker as a new “title of note from our review stacks.”

Cape Cod Times, Oct. 14, 2007, “Bookshelf: ‘The Naked Quaker’

“Et Seq.”, The Harvard Law School Library Blog, Oct. 11, 2007

Boston Globe, Living/Arts section, Oct. 10, 2007: Columnist Alex Beam tells about a colonial ancestor of Senator Barack Obama, featured in Diane’s book, The Naked Quaker.

“West in New England,” October 5, 2007

Regional Reference Blog, Sept. 21, 2007, “New England Court Records”, recommends Diane’s book.

The Barnes & Noble Review, Sept. 2007: “Diane Rapaport’s previous book was New England Court Records: A Research Guide for Genealogists and Historians, so it seems only right that she would share her own most exciting archival finds. As its title suggests, The Naked Quaker bares seldom-seen aspects of Colonial New England life. . . . Glimpses into a vanished world.”

“The Genealogue,” July 29, 2007

“West in New England,” July 29, 2007

Portsmouth Herald (N.H.), July 29, 2007, “Feisty Colonists come to life in ‘Naked Quaker’”, July 13, 2007, “Scottish Prisoners in Exeter: Scotsman Alexander Gordon arrived in 1650s”

Lexington Minuteman, June 28, 2007, “Author earns accolades”

ForeWord Magazine, June 20, 2007, “ForeWord This Week: PMA Awards 54 Benjamin Franklins at 2007 PMA-U”

Law Library Journal, Spring 2007 -  Morris L. Cohen, Professor Emeritus of Law at Yale Law School, in his article “Researching Legal History in the Digital Age” (p. 381) cites Diane’s New England Court Records book as a “helpful bibliography” for locating colonial court files.

Worcester News (England), Aug. 30, 2006: article about Diane’s historical research.

Journal of American History, June 2006 – Diane’s New England Court Records book is cited with Recent Scholarship about Public History and Memory.

Ancestry Daily News, March 6, 2006


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